Our Story

Learn what Lemonade is and why we do what we do.

The Payments experience reimagined

In 2023, Lemonade co-founders Mark and Andrew entered the payments industry very aware of its shortcomings. They saw cases of harassment & unwanted attention due to personal information exposure, personal details shared without consent, users spammed due to shared details and diminished user trust in digital payment platforms. With their experience in banking & financial services, they knew they could change the status quo. Enter Lemonade.

What is Lemonade? Our growing team has built the payments solutions for consumers all over Kenya. We're refining the payments experience by making seemless payments without revealing the user's personal details. Lemonade is more than just payments. Lemonade is a better experience.

Lemonade Payments isn't just another wallet; it's Africa's first payment revolution. Our innovative white-label solution empowers businesses with secure, blockchain-powered wallets, all without compromising user data. So ditch the data, embrace the potential, and join the future of payments.

We live our values everyday

With these core values as our guide, we’ve cultivated a culture of collaboration, care, and responsibility that make great customer experiences possible.



With the Right Platform, Great Things Can Happen

Lemonade Payments has built the world's first blockchain-powered digital wallet and private payments app. The digital wallet is a white-labeled solution that plugs into our client's systems to offer their customers seamless payment solutions. The private payments revolutionises digital transactions with secure, privacy-centric services

While we’ve had significant early success, it’s still very much day one at Lemonade. We have a thrilling amount of opportunity ahead of us to quite literally transform how payments happen across the continent. And we need your help.